A. J. Foyt Camaro Stock Car

Built with Pro Tech’s Braided Lines

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1985 Chevrolet El Camino SS

Built with the following Pro Tech parts;

Braided Lines, Hex Fittings,

Spark Plug Wire, MSD 6 Ignition Box.


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Pro Tech Dodge Avenger Funny Car


Built with the following Pro Tech parts - Braided Line, Hex Fittings,

  Pre-Wired Distributors (used for magnetos), Plug Wire Boots, Mallory Coils, 

Blower With Explosion Blanket, Supercharger Pulley Set, Dual Remote Oil Filter Unit,

Dzus Fasteners, Nuts & Bolts/Bolt Heads, Street Rod Gauges, 5 Point Racing Harness


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1956 Plymouth Pro Street


Built with the following Pro Tech parts - Dzus Fasteners, Pre-Wired Distributor, Oil filter.


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1969 Dodge Dart 


Built with the following Pro Tech parts - Pre-Wired Distributor, Dual Remote Oil Filter Unit,

Earl even made custom Pro Tech decals for the quarter windows.


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