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Dave Marcis 1986 Helen Rae Chevrolet Monte Carlo 


Built with the following Pro Tech parts - Braided Line, Hex Fittings, Holley Dominator 

Carburetor, Spark Plug Wire, Spark Plug Wire Boots, Spark Plug Wire Looms, 

Breathers, Nuts & Bolts/Bolt Heads.



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Jeff Gordon's 2005 Pepsi Monte Carlo

Built with the following Pro Tech parts - Braided Lines, Hex Fittings, Holley Dominator Carburetor, 

Spark Plug Wire, Spark Plug Wire Boots, Detailing Wire, Nuts & Bolts/Bolt Heads.


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Greg Anderson's 2003 Grand Am Pro Stock


Built with the following Pro Tech Parts - Braided Lines, Hex Fittings, Distributor Kit, Plug Wire,

Plug Boots, Plug Wire Looms, Mallory Ignition Coil, Oil Breather, Demon Carburetors, T -

Fittings, Nuts & Bolts / Bolt Heads, Dzus Fasteners.